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Nov. 11


This piece was brought to us by a family who had six sons in service in the middle part of the last century.  One star for each boy.  Be kind to a veteran today.



Oct. 30

Vintage World War I poster

Here is a dazzling example of the perfect frame for the art.  On this rare World War I Victory Loan poster we stacked two frames that takes design cues from the ships in the print.  The outer frame shares the contours and metallic texture with the U-Boat in the foreground.  The inner frame has a rivet pattern.  The fabric mat is a perfect match to the sky and water.  If your captivated by the poster itself we have a handful of  original WWI prints in stock.  For a lager selection, one of our long time favorite customers inherited a sizable collection of these posters and has created a website dedicated to selling them .  Use this link to take you there.libertyloan

Oct. 27

Allison Svoboda’s beautiful work

We have recently had the pleasure of framing a couple of pieces by local artist Allison Svoboda.  This last project was a welcome challenge.  She was commissioned for a work that consisted of three long encaustic pieces.  Her goal was to have the pieces undulate like Lake Michigan.  She asked if we could make an accordion armature so that the piece in the center moved opposite of the top and bottom.  The artist, client and framer all met to pick a fabric and floater frame to show off the artwork.  Allison then trusted us to do our best.  It was an incredible pleasure to work on this piece.   svoboda1 svoboda2

Oct. 19

They Grow So Fast.

It happens in the blink of an eye.  That little girl becomes a young woman, but you can hold on to the memories.  This aluminum shadowbox frame is an economical solution to displaying those precious little dresses.  So cute!img_1328

Sep. 20

October is The Big Draw Evanston

The Big Draw EvanstonWe’re teaming up with Bookends & Beginnings to draw up some fun in our lovely courtyard October 29th. Public drawing events will be happening all around the city throughout the month of October. Get out there and draw something! See The Big Draw Evanston for details on all the happenings.

Apr. 22

The Saw Room – Exhibition Space opening May 1st

We’re proud to announce the opening of our new exhibition space inside Alley Gallery. The Saw Room is a white-wall gallery in downtown Evanston dedicated to original artwork.

Our inaugural show, “First Cuts”, will be a mixed media group show of resident artists Darren Oberto, Ross Martens, Avram Eisen & Chris Greene.

Come by for an opening reception May 1st, 5-8pm.


Dec. 1

Tim Anderson Chicago Neighborhoods Map

As featured in the Chicago Tribune, artist Tim Anderson’s Chicago Neighborhoods Map is now available. High quality offset printing on sturdy paper with solid aqueous coating. Signed by the artist – 22″ x 28″.


Maps are available for pickup at our shop or shipped via UPS.

Purchase online here.


Nov. 25

The Alley Gallery loves Dana

Dana De Ano is one of our favorite local artists to frame.  Watching the evolution of her work has been a true pleasure.  She uses found objects and seductive mark-making techniques on pristine sheets of paper to create her masterpieces .  Here are a few of her super cool prisma frames.IMG_0127IMG_0123IMG_0130

Nov. 8

Shadow boxing with the champs.

Love it? Look at it! Preserve it! Pass it to the next generation.IMG_0882 IMG_1194 IMG_1134 IMG_1032 IMG_1021

Oct. 20

Who says framing has to be four-sided?

Here are a couple examples of when we think out of the box.  With these pieces, the art demanded something more and we met the challenge.IMG_0855IMG_0666 IMG_0846 (1)