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Jessica the Parrot


If you hear someone say “hello” as you walk in the Alley Gallery, it’s likely to have been our fine feathered friend, Jessica. Her species is a quite mouth-full: “Double-Yellow Head Green Amazon Parrot”. In 1985, she was born in captivity to a bird breader in Santa Fe, NM and one year later she came to live at the Alley Gallery.

Jessica eats a variety of fresh organic produce, which she grazes on throughout the each day. She is especially fond of pomegranates, corn, beans, basically anything she can pull apart. Parrots are incredibly smart and need a lot of interaction, so the frameshop is a perfect place for her to meet new people and watch us work. We’ve read that parrots have the intelligence and emotional capabilities of a 2-year old human.

Jessica also loves children and sometimes gets jealous of their parents. She is very sweet and non-aggressive for her species, but it’s important to remember that she is a wild animal. She bonds with only one person and doesn’t like to be touched. She just loves to be looked at and to look at you!